Mab’ath: A Day to Remember Prophet Muhammad and His Message

IQNA – Mab'ath or the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelation is a reminder to follow the message and teachings of the Holy Prophet.
World Hijab Day A Platform to Foster Understanding, Tolerance: Nazma Khan
IQNA – The World Hijab Day has been embraced globally as a platform to foster understanding, tolerance, and solidarity, the founder of the movement said.
13:07 , 2024 Feb 01
Imam Ali's Timeless Wisdom: Three Principles for A Fulfilling Life
IQNA – Exploring three foundational principles extracted from Nahj al-Balagha, a scholar points to timeless wisdom for a fulfilling and balanced life according to the teachings of Imam Ali (AS).
07:39 , 2024 Jan 25
Muslim Unity Necessary to Save Palestine from Oppression, Occupation: Tajikistan Mufti
IQNA – The Grand Mufti of Tajikistan underscored the necessity for unity in the Muslim world in order to save Palestine from oppression and occupation.
11:24 , 2024 Jan 30
Analyst Stresses Int’l Awakening in Support of Palestinian Cause   
IQNA – A Palestinian thinker and political analyst said the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation has led to a global awakening in support of the cause of Palestine.
10:07 , 2024 Jan 27
‘People Should Rise Up’: Scholar Urges Muslim Unity in Face of Genocide in Gaza
IQNA – Muslims from all over the world should rise up to support Palestine and put pressure on political leaders, the head of a Malaysian think tank says.
15:44 , 2023 Dec 27
Harvard Must Recognize Palestinian Suffering
IQNA – For years, many have asked Harvard to disclose and divest from its material complicity in what has been widely recognized as an apartheid regime.
08:55 , 2024 Jan 20
World Getting Angrier Daily at US Role in Facilitating Israel’s Gaza Bloodbath
IQNA – The Arabs, the Muslims — in fact, the whole world — are getting angrier by the day at the direct US role in facilitating Israel’s carnage in the Gaza Strip.
14:19 , 2024 Jan 02
‘Palestinians Trust Those That Have No Business Interest in Their Suffering’: Author 
IQNA – Some parties benefit economically from the war in Gaza and this has prompted Palestinians to trust themselves more than any other outside force, a South African author says. 
19:34 , 2023 Dec 23
Israel Exaggerated Oct. 7 Shock to Justify Its Savage Genocide: Activist
IQNA – A prominent Australian Muslim activist says the Israeli regime exploited the shock of October 7 operation to “justify its savage and barbaric genocide” in the Gaza Strip.
12:00 , 2023 Dec 24
Zionists ‘Misusing’ Judaism to Continue Illegal Occupation: Rabbi
IQNA – A US-based Rabbi says the Israeli regime is exploiting Judaism to continue its atrocities and occupation in the lands of Palestinians. 
12:26 , 2023 Dec 11
‘We Are Not Numbers’: Palestinians in Gaza Share Poignant Stories of Loss And Grief  
IQNA –  “I am strong, but I’m not the same anymore... These days are the hardest in my life. I’ve been destroyed mentally and emotionally,” Somoud Faiq Abu Al-Qumsan wrote on her Instagram page before she was tragically killed in an Israeli strike on her home in Gaza on October 22.
15:19 , 2023 Dec 15