Iran’s 40th Int’l Quran Contest Wraps Up as Winners Awarded 

IQNA – The 40th edition of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s International Quran Competition wrapped up on Wednesday as winners were awarded. 
Iran Int’l Quran Contest: Malaysian Qari Lauds Precision in Judgments  
IQNA – A Malaysian qari who represented his country in the 40th edition of Iran’s International Quran Competition described the level of judgments in the contest as high.
19:25 , 2024 Feb 22
Iraq’s Kufa University Hosting Quran Exhibition  
IQNA – The second edition of an annual Quran exhibition was launched at the University of Kufa in southern Iraq.
10:45 , 2024 Feb 22
Every Contender A Winner in Quran Competitions: Iran’s President  
IQNA – Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi said Quran contests are among competitions in which no one loses and every contender is a winner.
08:45 , 2024 Feb 22
Quranic Families Can Lay Ground for Modern Islamic Civilization: Expert
IQNA – An Iraqi Quranic expert says promotion of the Holy Quran can create a healthy family which is required for building a modern Islamic civilization.
22:32 , 2024 Feb 21
Iran Int’l Quran Contest: Comorian Qari’s Wish Comes True  
IQNA – A qari from The Comoros said his wish has come true by having the opportunity to take part in Iran’s International Quran Competition.
19:15 , 2024 Feb 21
Final of Iran’s 40th Int’l Quran Contest: Highlights 
IQNA – Finalists of the recitation and memorization categories in the men’s section delivered their performances on the last night of Iran’s 40th International Quran Competition on Tuesday. 
09:47 , 2024 Feb 21
8th Int’l Quran Contest for Students: Winners’ Names Revealed
IQNA – The organizing committee of the 8th international Quran competition for school students announced the winners.
15:39 , 2024 Feb 21
Recourse to Quran Necessary for Building New Islamic Civilization: Bangladeshi Quran Expert
IQNA – A Bangladeshi Quran expert underscored the need for taking recourse to the Holy Quran in order for new Islamic civilization making.
10:53 , 2024 Feb 21
Day 4 of Iran 40th Quran Contest: Recitations in Videos 
IQNA – On the fourth day of Iran’s 40th International Holy Quran Competitions, several qaris and memorizers from different states went on stage.
11:50 , 2024 Feb 20
Nigerien Memorizer Says Quran Gave Meaning to His Life   
IQNA – A Quran memorizer from Niger who is attending the final stage of Iran’s 40th International Quran Competition said learning the Quran has changed his life.
21:13 , 2024 Feb 20
‘Full of Spirituality’: Saudi Contestant Lauds Iran’s Int’l Quran Contest
IQNA – The Representative of Saudi Arabia in Iran’s 40th International Quran Competition has hailed the quality of the event. 
19:15 , 2024 Feb 20
Iran’s 40th Int’l Quran Contest: Finalists Named
IQNA – The organizing committee of the 40th edition of Iran’s International Holy Quran Competition announced the names of the finalists in the men’s section of the event.  
16:10 , 2024 Feb 20