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Imam Warns of Rising Hate After Assault in Ireland

IQNA – A prominent Muslim leader in Ireland was warned against rising hate against Muslims in the country.
3.5-Year Jail Term Sought for Man Accused of Quran Desecration in Russia
IQNA – A man accused of desecrating the Quran in Russian is likely to receive a 3.5-year jail sentence.
18:11 , 2024 Feb 21
Tarrant Discussed Christchurch Mosque Attacks Online A Year Earlier without Being Detected
IQNA – The perpetrator of the 2019 mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, talked online his about his plans for such attacks a year earlier.
17:02 , 2024 Feb 21
Muslim Woman Assaulted in Hate Crime at University District, Police Say
IQNA – A Muslim woman was choked and had her head covering torn off by a man with a knife who made derogatory remarks about her faith and ethnicity, Seattle Police said on Tuesday.
09:47 , 2024 Feb 20
Al-Azhar Hails Brazil’s Stance on Palestine
IQNA – The grand imam of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center approached the fair and humane approach of Brazil to the developments in Palestine.
17:02 , 2024 Feb 20
Gaza Nasser Hospital ‘Out of Service’ as Israeli Attacks Rage on
IQNA – The Gaza Health Ministry says the Nasser Hospital, the second-largest in the besieged territory, has been forced to close down because of the Israeli military's aggression.
15:38 , 2024 Feb 18
Czech Capital Scene of Pro-Palestine Demonstration Again
IQNA – Another pro-Palestinian rally was held in the capital city of the Czech Republic with the participation of more than a thousand people.
17:33 , 2024 Feb 19
New Mosque in Manitoba Named after Palestinian Village
IQNA – Masjid Beit Naballa in St. James, Winnipeg, Canada’s Manitoba, is celebrating its opening weekend at 325 Wallasey St.
18:10 , 2024 Feb 18
Massive Rally Held in London on Global Action Day for Gaza
IQNA – UK-based advocacy and Palestine action groups organized a massive demonstration in London Saturday to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
17:02 , 2024 Feb 18
Washington: Protesters Call for Gaza Cease-Fire amid Israeli Onslaught
IQNA – Hundreds of protesters braved the cold and wind in Washington, D.C. on Saturday to urge the Biden administration to stop its support for the Israeli aggression in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinians have been killed and displaced since October.
12:42 , 2024 Feb 18
Three Teachers Suspended for Pro-Palestinian Speech Sue Maryland School District
IQNA – A Muslim civil rights group filed a lawsuit on Thursday accusing Montgomery County Public Schools of violating the free speech rights of three teachers who were suspended for expressing support for Palestinians amid the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza.
09:49 , 2024 Feb 16
Support Growing for Worldwide Boycott of Israeli Products
IQNA – The brutal Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip has caused a global boycott movement against Israeli products gain significant traction.  
16:25 , 2024 Feb 17
Israel Showing Its Genocidal Intent by Destroying Gaza Health Care System
IQNA – The Israeli regime’s destruction of Gaza’s health care system is revealing its genocidal intent.
12:54 , 2024 Feb 17